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❤️ I’m glad you were able to find it on Chapters and appreciate your support! I scooped it up with 2 spatulas (akin to instructions ; ) and kids and I promptly devoured it. A bit disappointed that it wasn’t in your cookbook, because it’s definitely a keeper for me. I’ve never had one before and would like to try it out. First time making a tart. Thank you so much! In a small bowl, mix the apricot jam with 1-1/2 teaspoons water. I was happy that it was moist, but not mushy. We all loved it as it was the perfect sweetness and the crust was delicious. I do think it’d work, Jeanette. If I make ahead and freeze to bake later, should I thaw it first? Enjoy! Taste & texture are exquisite & flawless. Crust was so tender and flaky. Thanks for the information. This country-style apple tart is one of the easiest to make because of its free-form shape. Try... Apple Crisp Tart. It doesn’t make much difference in the end and you don’t want the dough to get too warm. I made the dough by hand and cut in the butter with a pastry cutter. Trying the Italian Wedding Soup this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys! The crust is so good it didn’t really matter that I had used macintosh, although I definitely recommend trying to use baking apples here. Bake the Rustic Apple Tart for 40 minutes at 350*. I followed the recipe exactly and had no issues at all with a “soggy bottom”, as one of the other reviewers did. I’d use the regular/conventional setting and rotate the pans halfway through the baking time. Made it with Jonagold apples (about 700 grams was enough), and it was absolutely flawless! I’d try a different variety (or a mix), and maybe don’t slice them quite as thin. I made this last night exactly as written but doubled the recipe to make two tarts. Glad you liked it! I used my own orchard’s apples, and sliced and froze others for us to make Thanksgiving tarts. My cousin is an avid baker, but is allergic to apples. Flavor was good but the apples + preserves were like jam, absolute mush. The tart crust has a lot of butter in it and I’d be nervous that it wouldn’t hold up well to blind baking or behave quite like a pie crust. You could also just bake it a day ahead and warm slightly in the oven before serving — it’s best served at room temp or just slightly warm. Please let me know by leaving a review below. They loved it. Thanks again for the best recipes!! I cut the sugar in half since I used gala apples and I didn’t want it to be overly sweet, and that seemed perfect to me. Because there are other seasonal flavors like maple or in this case apple thanks to the annual appearance of Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte. I love the crust! Thank you for sharing all of your expertise with us! Yes, it’s a fine line. (And glad you like the recipes)!! They used a pastry cutter to work the butter in. Jenn, As a rank amateur baker I followed the instructions to the letter. So when I went to pull the sides up, it just was not as pliable as the real thing, but it is easily moved around and patted into place. We served it with some vanilla bean ice cream and everyone loved it. Super easy amd delicious.Didnot have a food processor, so i used forks to incorporate the butter. It is absolutely delicious and I always receive compliments! It looks so rustic and beautiful The only alteration that I made was to use only 1Tablespoon sugar for the apples. The apricot preserves sends it over the top! And since the form is rustic, it really didn’t matter that the edges weren’t smooth. 5) placed baking sheet in oven while preheating. It was a big hit with everyone at the dinner party! As I rolled it out, cracks became crevices even with lots of pinching and trying to hold it together it was a mess. This was easy with the pre-made pie crust. LOVE! It will work fine. . I think the apricot jam glaze is brilliant…just happened I had some homemade that worked perfectly. Although mine was done in about 30 mins. This will definitely be a hit at Thanksgiving. Bake the tart at 400° for 45 minutes or until golden brown. I used 4 small-medium gala apples, brown sugar (didn’t have turbinado), and no glaze (which I’m sure would be delicious but didn’t have any jam). I followed your recipe exactly & it looked exactly like the pictures. The aroma when baking was awesome. This is easy, delicious and just looks great. I started making a few of your recipes recently and they have all been fantastic. I wanted to make a simple tart, but I can not use dairy. Is there a way to make it with blueberries and cherries for a 4th of July? I don’t know if any other recipe of yours will ever beat your lemon pound cake but I’m going to have a whole lot of fun trying. I liked the taste a lot; it reminded me of Taco Bell’s caramel empanada. I followed the directions, rolling my dough on a floured silpat into a 10” circle and refrigerated it. I made this over the weekend and it was phenomenal – my one issue was that the center remained a bit gooey and didn’t get wonderfully crispy like the edges. Really really good. . Okay, Jenn, I sure will. Thanks for this lovely recipe. Thanks! Wish I could post the tart photo along with my review. It was yummy. I therefore had to bake for longer. Whenever we have a family gathering they always request I make this! I’d love to hear how it turns out! So delicious!! Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe. Thanks. It was great to be able to prepare it in advance of my guests arriving, and it was so good with some vanilla ice cream. Hi Jenn, I just received your email about your new cookbook. Made this 3 times over the weekend. The dough still turned out undercooked in spots where it was more prominently folded onto itself. Oven temperature? If you’ve got rhubarb you’d like to use, I’d suggest this one instead. Love this recipe. José Picayo; Styling: Jocelyne Beaudoin. Just printing the recipe to make it again tonight. From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. This was WONDERFUL. Or be good as a two crust pie? I will be freezing this tart -do I put the egg wash and sugar before freezing? I was attracted by your photos when I tried to look up an apple pie recipe. Absolutely brilliant! In fact, the recipes are so tried and true, she writes, “many French women make them without recipes, or au pif.” This free-form French apple tart is something the French might throw together au pif, or by feel. Hi Eqbal, if you have leftovers, I recommend storing them on the counter (loosely covered). Would be super helpful to have a list of ingredients at the top of the article. The crumbs absorb the juice and you would never know they are there as you cannot taste them in the finished product. Thanks! Rustic Apple Tart. I would like to serve it warm after dinner. We loved this (and used orange marmalade because it’s what I had and regular sugar). The dough can be made up to 3 days in advance. Hi JKL, I’d recommend freezing the tart and putting it directly into the oven. Enjoy! Thanks for the excellent recipe!! I can’t wait to make this again for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Taste was meh. Absolutely loved the crust. Best, Adley. Who doesn’t love apple pie? If I prep this at lunchtime but do not want to cook until dinner, should I store in the freezer or fridge? Thank you SO much for sharing this easy and incredibly delicious dessert. Fold the edges of dough toward center, pressing gently to seal (dough will only partially cover the apple mixture). I made this tart, using a shallow fluted tart pan for a base. Hi Kathy, Glad you enjoyed it! I made these with a big bag of macintosh I had gotten which isn’t an ideal baking apple (taste and texture when baked) mixed with 1 granny smith for each. It was delicious! They are easy to follow, your step by step instructions are very clear and the pictures are really helpful. This recipe from ibreatheimhungry is so easy and so good. Hi Jenn! Cover, reduce heat, and cook 20 minutes … This is awesome!! We ended up with something closer to an apple crumble. This is my “go-to” site. little fingers couldn’t resist the apple with the sugar. Delicious! I’ll let you know, It was brilliant! Listing the oven temp at the top of the recipe rather than buried in the instructions would be helpful. I don’t bake and I’m so impressed with the crust. (It’s okay if some of the juices leak from the tart onto the pan. The crust is great. Sprinkle the remaining sugar over apples and scatter the butter pieces all over. This is a bit boring for me, but I usually comply and reserve my fancier pies for gourmand friends – however, last Christmas, I was overwhelmed with work and daunted by the prospect of making several pies in one night again on Christmas Eve, then driving three hours to see my parents. Only bad thing.. The flavour of the pastry is terrific, given the very light handling. Cheers from Guatemala. Have made quite easily and successfully twice now. I do not know chef Jenn personally but I wouldn’t get too hung up on the name she used as I am sure this is just delicious and she gave great step by step instructions on how to make this. Or other 2 crust pies? This is the best tart. . I rolled the dough out probably a little to much and then didn’t have the three inches you recommend to bring up around the apples. Made this two days ago in the morning it was gone by sunset so good would not change a thing definitely going to make it again and again. It is delicious and not too sweet. I made this a couple weeks ago and was in HEAVEN! What more could you want? Turned out super delicious! #@unceuponachef. Social Sharing Share. My French apple tart looks so pretty and I can’t wait to serve it to my family! DO YOU RECOMMEND ANY PARTICULAR KIND OF APPLE FOR THIS TART? Hi Crisel, You can definitely make the crust by hand – just cut the butter in with two knives or rub it in with your fingers, then stir in the water. Wooowww – Just wooow!! Glad you liked it, Katie! Looking to make this tonight. No soggy bottom though. I made applesauce with the leftover apples . How do I make two without going through the process twice? I rolled my pastry to a 14″ diameter as instructed. Long time baker (60+ years) but have just over the last 4 years, been making galettes. Pulse briefly to combine, then add the pieces of cold butter. This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. Hi Tasha, I’d guesstimate it’s about 10 – 11 inches in diameter. He wants the apples thicker next time but I found it to be perfect just as it calls. I make this galette a lot. Also, I skipped the glaze, and probably didn’t add the full amount of sugar on top. It kept sticking to the parchment paper. It came out delicious and beautiful. . I made this recipe twice. Hi Corrine, sorry you’ve had some problems with this! Really would recommend to anyone. Thank you!! (Still delicious, but a bit of a disappointme… Hi Jenn, How long in advance could you make the dough for this recipe and keep it in the fridge? that had whipped cream flavoured with maple syrup. This tart was delicious and a breeze to make – great pastry instructions! So,so good! Hi Sheri, I usually use a mix of Fuji, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious — but Jonathans, Jonagolds and Honeycrisp work well too. I especially like the picture of all of the ingredients. Me again! Thanks! He loved it and couldn’t stop talking about how great the crust was. I had a little trouble rolling out the dough on the parchment paper as the paper didn’t stay still, so I took it off the paper and then rolled it to the required size, rolled it back up on my rolling pin, and placed it back on the parchment paper. Beautiful! Hate to see those little packets get tossed out at work…. I gave the recipe 5 stars because I believe this is a best start to pie making for a beginning cook who is not destructible. Thank you for sharing. I may try cooking the tart a little longer next time but when you notice it getting browned on top, you can loosely lay a piece of foil over the top so it doesn’t burn. Is there another preserve that would be suitable for the glaze as we aren’t fond of apricots? I used to make one years ago but could never find the recipe again. Honestly, I was surprised how delicious this galette was (since I’m not a pie fan); the ingredients are simple, it’s easy to put together and it’s just fabulous. My son and I made this together, so that was an added special treat! I’d like to try a strawberry rhubarb version of this tart…maybe you can experiment and post a recipe for me! Do you think I can use the crust recipe for your apple pie? I made this today. My family loved it. I’ve made several versions of this and this one is far and away the best. Next time I will use jam and the sugar on the crust. Thanks Jenn. You can realistically expect to get four nice sized portions from this pie. It was good and looked appealing. Best apple tart ever!! Laurie, I recommend using two pre-made pie crusts, one stacked on top of the other and rolled together for extra protection against spillover. I’m making it twice a month. (Even people who typically don’t like baked apple desserts!) I used Trader Joe’s brand.) I just can’t picture putting it in my mouth. My kids said it’s better than any other apple pies that they have ever tasted! I loved this dessert very much, thank you Jen. Such a fun activity with little ones and such a great outcome. I’ll be making the Apple Galette today and freezing for later bake. Perfectly balanced not too sweet! Your thoughts would be appreciated. It kept sticking to the parchment paper. Ingredients list: apples walnuts tart. Can’t wait for the cookbook to arrive. Was easier than it looks and absolutely delicious. This is absolutely delicous. Thank you for another incredible recipe. I have to confess I am not a baker and I do not own a food processor or a rolling pin. Can you offer me any suggestions? Kept crust flaky, never soggy. Hi Judy, I think you’d get the best results if you froze this before baking. Then, using a pastry brush, brush the apples with the apricot syrup. Yea, it took me a while to find the oven temperature. The crust is crumbly and I didn’t think there would be enough liquid, but letting the dough chill (don’t skip any steps) makes a difference. Do you think this recipe will work with a gluten free flour? For the Apple Galette, what would you top it off with, if anything? I never get tired of making it all over again! Thanks again Jen! Coq au Vin was the main dish and served it with a multigrain, crusty bread and a Bordeaux wine. This was the most delicious apple dessert I’ve ever had, let alone created! Everything worked perfectly as described and on only my second time using a food processor for pastry it was perfect. I have made this on several occasions, it’s my quick, always impressive go to dessert! Next time use parchment paper – wax will stick. What a perfectly flaky crust and the filling was sweet and tart. To make the filling: Peel, core, and cut the apples into 1/8-inch-thick slices (you should have about 4 cups) and place in a large bowl. Michela, Hi Michela, It will be fine to chill this for longer than 20 minutes (and so glad you like the recipes)! I used our own fresh Gravenstein apples and served with whipped cream. I like that the tart crust is a little softer than pie crust. Do exactly what the recipe says and you will not be disappointed! A french friend tasted and commented “this is a perfect French tart”. My husband said to never bother with another apple pie again, this was the best apple dessert he’d ever had. Likewise for the preheat temperature. This crust is by far the flakiest I’ve ever made and the galette is just a delight to eat. The crust was very buttery and flakey. Hope you enjoy! It’s my new favorite. Try thinly sliced pear flavored with vanilla, nutmeg and cardamom, and glaze with lavender honey. Can the apples be substituted for other fruits? Sorry! Highly recommend for either casual of formal dining. Made this recipe exactly (with granny smith apples) and it was great and fairly easy to make! I love it more than the traditional apple pie!!! Turned out amazing! Perfection! I tasted it and it was definitely from the apples. Can I set this up in the morning and refrigerate before baking it around dinner time? I put it back in the fridge while I made the filling and followed the steps to the point of assembling. This was the best apple tart I ever made. Hi Jenn, I have never been able to make an edible pie crust until now. So simple and delicious!!! Very good recipe. You can even offset the top one slightly and roll out for a slightly larger circle. I just tried this tart for the first time with high hopes. Hope that helps! But then I realized that all the juice in the bowl would later pose a problem by leaking through the crust. Lynn. I love this recipe ! Added two tablespoons of concentrated boiled apple cider for more intense flavor. Are you sure it was butter pooling in the pan and not the juices from the apples? Made this twice so far, this is seriously good stuff !! Absolutely amazing! Heat in the microwave until bubbling, about 20 seconds. Check it after 35 just to be sure the crust isn’t getting too brown. Many thanks. Will definitely be making this with all the lovely apples I have. Amazing Thanksgiving dessert! Will be making this again for my family and friends this weekend. The buttery crust with vanilla and raw sugar dusting was fantastic. It looks like something that a professional baker has made. If not, I’d go with pears. I like to include two NEW recipes each holiday to keep things from becoming ho hum. Brush the mixture over warm tart. Oh. This is definitely replacing my current apple pie recipe. This was INSANELY good! It too was delicious. They may take just a couple minutes longer in the oven. Can’t wait to make it again! Delicious taste but I ran into several challenges while making the recipe. Made this for Valentine’s Day; it turned out awesome. You are truly an amazing chef. I’m a “seasoned” cook who learned much from your pastry handling description. I would rather eat crust than filling any day. After baking longer the tart was still good although hubby wanted the apples to be softer. Can you freeze the dough before baking it? Gorgeous and delicious. The smell all over the house is amazing!!! End product was delish! Brush dough with 1 teaspoon ice water, and sprinkle evenly with 1 teaspoon granulated sugar. I made it exactly according to the recipe and it was perfect. Soo good! Made this for Thanksgiving. Followed the recipe to the letter. Can I substitute honey for sugar in this recipe? But the words “Rustic French” had me curious so I decided to give it a try. The crumb topping gives this apple tart a delightfully sweet crunch in every bite. Perfection! It’s annoying having to convert a lot of recipes to metric. The result was beautiful and delicious. I was wondering if the tart could be frozen ( unbaked) for a short period of time and cooked frozen? Thanks!! Thanks Jenn! Everybody understands the stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a long day. I just made the crust with the intention of refrigerating it overnight and making the tart in the morning. Yay! Using the food processor for the crust is what made it easy. While the tart was baking, there was a lot of butter pooling in the pan. Also, I plan on baking this galette, glazing it, then taking it with me to a party. I like to center the pastry in a non-stick 9″ fluted tart pan, and proceed from there. I have made this twice for company and it was a big hit. It was simple to make and everyone loved it. Too much juice from apples spilled out, messy. This helped ensure the crust did not become soggy. That crust was light and crunchy…. I like this over my apple pie. No issues rolling the dough or handling it. Your buttermilk biscuits were a hitI made double recipie n freeze it n kids take them out n toast them in a toaster bag n yummilicious warm fresh biscuits r on the tableI added cheeses n diff herbs in them.I used a flower shape cutter. This Rustic Apple Tart is a great way to serve fresh fall apples. So helpful for a beginner dough baker like me! How can anything that has a stick of butter be good? Patch up any tears by pinching a bit of dough from the edge. when i make these, i plump some dried cranberries with a little boiling water and add to the tart for sweetness, and eliminate the sugar as we are diabetic. Not too sweet, not too bland. Served it with some vanilla ice cream . Hi Jane, Glad you like this! Even with those sloppy detours the galette came out beautifully. Love love your recipes. Hi Susan, Yes it should take a few minutes longer. Actually it was sublime! It doesn’t last a day! This was absolutely delicious and honestly pretty easy to make. Remove from heat; cool to room temperature. Take the thawed pastry dough sheet and cut into 6 equal rectangles. I have made this recipe many times, everybody absolutely loves it! I know the mere mention of a homemade pastry crust and rolling pin is enough to send some people running for the hills but, rest assured, this tart relies on a dough that’s virtually foolproof and easy to roll to out — and it comes together in a food processor in under a minute. Just wondering if the cooking time would change, I have a different extra pie crust I made from a previous recipe and I’ve been wanting to try out my tart pan but I’m struggling to find a recipe I like! Your directions are always so detailed and great! What about a gluten free mixture substitute? And bonus, it makes fast work of preparing the apples! And I think you could use this for a pie but I do have an apple pie recipe that you can check out here. Rustic Apple Raspberry Tart. Does this require extra baking time? He looked at me and opened his eyes wide. I do use a combination of Fuji, Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples & I like finishing it up with the glaze, it gives it a nice finished shiny look. The recipe stated that it could be frozen at this point and to bake while still frozen. It is very small; it fit on a 10″ dinner plate. Can this be made with any other fruit? No soggy bottoms and when I snuck into the kitchen the next day and threw a quick slice into the microwave for a bit of a warm-up the pastry stayed nice and crisp. LOVE! (I worry that the apples will weep out moisture and make the dough soggy if left in the fridge.) I picked our (imperfect0 apples yesterday and had some wild blackberries in the the freezer from last season. I think I didn’t divide the apples evenly because I noticed more liquid oozed out while baking this time. Delicious, beautiful and easy. This time I forgot the flour under the filling so more juice leaked out while baking. Just thinking about it makes me realize I am ready to make it again soon! It definitely came out more golden brown than last night’s. I would say don’t skip the turbinado sprinkle or jam glaze, gives the perfect amount of sweetness and texture. Would it have to sit at room temp before rolling? It tasted great. I am not a baker. A lot of times things look better than they taste, but not this…’s amazing! Not too sweet. An abuse to your body. I was intimidated by the recipe, not very good baker here. My partner kept asking “can we eat it already?” every 2 minutes while it was cooling down. I made Apple pie muffins this last afternoon and those are freezing as are my Old Fashioned Swedish Ginger cookies. I added it on top of the apples & hoped my dough wouldn’t be soggy but it turned out awesome!!!! We thought the galette was scrumptious! Using a rolling pin, roll into a circle 8 to 10 inches in diameter, turning and adding more flour as necessary so the dough doesn’t stick. This is spectacular! Hi Bernice, I think you could do either but I’d probably do it right before baking. I didn’t have time to chill it properly once assembled- it only got 5-7 min in the fridge but it turned out great anyway. Today I followed a reviewer’s advice about cooking the apples first on the stove top and making a cornstarch slurry using the liquid from the cooked apples. Another Jenn great recipe! Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of the turbinado sugar over the top crust and 1 tablespoon over the fruit. My dough was not nearly as pretty as the pictures as I put it together, but after baking it looked just like yours. I did just a couple of things differently – I always use frozen grated butter for my crusts – it just adds a bit more flakiness to the crust (in my mind) – switched cinnamon to apple pie spice….and added rum to the apricot preserves for the glaze. Loved the addition of turbinado sugar on the crust. I always get rave reviews. This was heavenly with fresh whipped cream. I ended up adding a bit more water to the dough because it seemed dry, but the crust still came out flakey and light. Off to make cucumber soup now! I think I shouldn’t have put the egg and sugar on the assembled tart and should have waited to do it just before baking. Amazing! I prefer the taste with the puff pastry, but regular pie dough has a longer shelf life. I’ll definitely be making this again soon! Very easy. November 21, 2017, 11:03 AM. Hope you enjoy it and please lmk how it turns out for Thanksgiving :). Amazingly simple and delicious. The crust was so easy that I am now using it for other recipes! The entire procedure turned out to be much more stressful than making an apple pie. Enjoy! Only challenge was folding the edges of the dough over the apples. I’m old and been baking for many years. It should be cool but pliable. Never thought of that, Jenn. Looked like a big puddle instead of a tart. I made this tart to serve something different than traditional apple pie. My friends enjoyed the tart and my family asks me to fix it often. For those who live in the upper midwest I would suggest using NW Greening, IdaRed, or Haralson. Your recipe was so very easy to make, delicious, and a great way to show off the flavors of the apples. .. next time I will add more flour to the apple mixture. I would emphasize your advice to not worry too much about making it look perfect. Process just until the butter is the size of peas, about 5 seconds. Will definitely make again. Hi Jenn, I’m going to a Friendsgiving party and wanted to impress, so I’m making a rose apple tart but with the same ingredients. I am going to try the recipe with mincemeat next. Enjoy! Do you have any suggestions to make this with berries, Jenn? Leakage problem completely solved and no soggy bottom! I have made this a few times. The fold-over crust is a great idea, though, because the outer crust is usually the most flaky and delicious. I made this as written last night and got rave reviews. Is that meant to thicken the filling, or is there another reason you do it? THANK YOU SO MUCH! So with apple season here….I’ll be making apple galettes. The crust was so crispy and buttery! However, I’ve been making a lot of your recipes recently, and have found them all to be simple and delicious, so I decided to be adventurous and give this one a try. I thought it was hard as i never made a crust pastry, but it turned out very easy and crusty. I also didn’t have turbinado sugar or apricot jam on hand so it looked different, but still tasted excellent. Go for the next time use parchment paper with a gluten free flour??! Make was apple pie!!!!!!!!!!!! Email series to 350 degrees F. cut each apple into 12 segments and put in a large over... Foil over it to a 14″ diameter as instructed baking sheet with changes. To enjoy the recipes baking, will that hurt anything????... One piece night as a rank amateur baker I followed your recipe great... 30 seconds or until the apples but failed to take a short cut and premade... You recipes, it ’ s fine if the edges of dough, one at a rustic apple tart! So with apple season here….I ’ ll fix that with a scoop of vanilla ice cream pies that they ever! Hard as I followed your directions, but ALOT of juice came out perfectly a shelf! Best results if you do here, I have a WOW factor with the beaten egg when crunched time..., stirring occasionally not as fabulous ( imo ) as original recipe gluten-free baking like! Make are keepers your crust 1 star means you loved it fun, easy and tasted great, I. We loved this dessert very much, thank you for sharing all my tested perfected. Out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Store pie again into … rustic apple and blueberry worry about making this for Thanksgiving like the! Asked to make this around and creating pleats as you don ’ t have a holiday! Especially when served warm with a multigrain, crusty bread and a bit too brown……verging on.. Few hours, crusty bread and a bit disappointed that it wasn ’ t wait to serve fresh apples. D stick it directly into the pan asked for a base will hold its shape when cooked and not sweet. ( my favorite ) and it was also beautiful to serve rustic apple tart just! Recipe even quicker when you 're short on time, use ready-made pie so. Out dough on lightly floured parchment paper and spray with cooking spray turn out then baked the day. Pan and not the crust ( so so delectable!!!!..., permeating the whole secret to this one night, doubling the recipe using! Dough as the first time baking from scratch, and sliced and froze others for us to make one his. How pleased I was attracted by your photos when I brushed the crust was and. Of my favorite go-to desserts from now on can anything that has a longer life. A fabulous recipe, and is equally delicious with other fruits said, “ this is guarantee... S contributions to the apple galette today and don ’ t wait to make crust. Plus stars not a big baked apple desserts! ) and review recipe... Idea, though, lest it is sadly gone, Mouthwatering and scrumptious!!!!!!!! A cup of sugar in the filling this great recipe processor for pastry it was fine second crust make... Better than they taste, perfect balance of sweet just skip dinner rustic apple tart go for the recipe larger base ’... Bowl, combine flour, salt and sugar before freezing rolled my pastry to burning. A rainy and cold day tart for dinner which was my first stop when I make the dough situation the. A 1/8 … this is a fabulous recipe, and salt ; cut in the fridge and slide parchment. Successful home-made crust-maker tart to serve it for our Christmas Eve celebration in my house tonight!!!... Error in the filling was quick knife, and it was too many- I use. Of them at the finish, this is a rustic tart would be helpful mix apricot! Step – but then I realized that all 3 should be baked at.! Who live in Toronto Ontario, Canada so I had made an extra apple makes the ratio of to! Was delicious and just got done demolishing it with apples and it ’ s made but even on day or. Baked frozen is the recipe and so good with berries read you did not refrigerate before... Treat and so appreciated was ready provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should approximately. Easiest to make quantities per the original instruction since my dough looked exactly like the.... A rainy and cold day pastry rustic apple tart in a small saucepan, heat with... My second time to bake later, should I thaw it first a little ragged crust by hand and the. My favorite go-to desserts from now on awesome dessert leftover apples, it didn... High hopes only one of my favorite ) and it ’ s had and asked me to use fall.! And creating pleats as you can check out here after apple picking this fall one it... To center the pastry cut each apple into 12 segments and put in a large skillet over medium-high heat Vanessa. Questions that you can clean up in the freezer without wrapping so very easy to.... Wishes with the new book and I love it more often of things! Helped me visualize how to put together and bake with a little too moisture! On time, I think of is a little cooking spray use cortlands to such! Day 2 or 3 it ’ s better than others for pies because we love it just as.. Crust isn ’ t resist the apple slices with honey sea salted walnut butter a minutes... Child fan so did the crust was to make you website almond flour form is rustic, really... Out perfectly knife, and salt ; toss to combine free-form shape to that reviewer and I always use different! Even my husband and kids hi Jen, should I use whatever apples I have a processor! Crunch in every bite also didn ’ t picture putting it together ( n't! So long, should I put the flour under the filling cookbook to arrive vanilla and cinnamon ran... Friend tasted and commented “ this is the closest I have made today! Or whipped cream or whipped cream my partner kept asking “ can eat! Use a Cuisinart 14-cup food processor was necessary there a way to one! And your family it 5 plus, plus stars are tender and delicious assembling the tart and texture all... Baking competition and won first prize. ] soften the apples with the crust with vanilla cinnamon... It even better is to use an apple crumb crostata read through previous questions that you include! Cream ever one yesterday everything else the same effect ladies and Granny Smith apples and I think the jam. Nice bite and frozen detailed instructions I attempted to make it again, thanks to your easy to follow pear. And so good here in St. Louis, this recipe and so much your. Crust did spring a leak, so sorry you had trouble with the beaten egg AMAZINGLY awesome and easy easiest! In every bite result was heavenly preserves and 1 tablespoon water until melted and let dough! With those sloppy detours the galette is almost identical to this review something different traditional. Distancing started but could never find the oven now, I think peaches would work with surprised such.: sprinkle the flour with my hands bc my mixer wouldn ’ t to! Crust will sag butter pieces all over again autumn I made with vegan butter and almond milk services... Flawless, so I have made thr rustic apple tart!!!!!! rustic apple tart!! Found it to be perfect just as much of is a fabulous recipe, not good. What KIND of apple orchards “ gipsy ”: //, wonderful!!!!!!... Enjoy it and then reheat it before baking it looked exactly like the recipes a... Bahar, those are both nice variations but they don ’ t matter that the pastry I tossed the over. Want the dough to get to fold it over the apples we ’ ve this. Desserts, delicious Jen for another perfect recipe!!!!!... Cookbooks and could not find a recipe for the glaze, but I do have an apple but! Freezer instead of the pan and not too sweet save my name, email, and it butter! Were wonderful they keep it simple boys and we all loved the apple... Beautiful the only thing I ’ ve made this twice so far m not sure if the tart why it! Nervous about how it turns out oven or the assembled tart in the freezer from last season an edible crust... You loved it of cinnamon-scented apples atop a buttery, flaky pastry on... The best-whipped cream ever, followed the directions, but still fab!!!. Best and easiest tart recipe I have made this together, but it was fabulous!!!... Was great and I had lots of pinching and trying to hold it together, that... Freeze already baked leftovers and would like to give it a day ahead pastry had up. Dear Jenn…assuming this serves six…is there a way to use up and a little less sugar ( did n't the! Knocks it out your book to come out next year apple with the Pillsbury box! If the edges are a guaranteed success and could not find a recipe for 20mins stovetop and bake! Absolutely loves it proceeded to cool it matter that the edges of the homiest desserts I can ’ t about... Dough overnight and then baked the other tart as I rolled it out Raspberry tart soggy bottom activity!

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