Various Artists – Female Reggae Voices (Front Cover)

RELEASE:   Aug 21, 2020
ARTISTS: Various Artists  
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This is “Female Reggae Voices”, one of the very few international riddim selections with only female singers. 17 artists from all around the globe sing their song on one same instrumental, and the result is just amazing.

During the last couple of years there was a huge discussion going on about the fact that women are less promoted in music industry, booked less on festivals, given less exposure and being less rewarded for their art. The goal of “Female Reggae Voices” is giving the participating artists a boost in reach, audience, visibility and recognition, because the music industry is still a very man-dominated world, and so is the Reggae scene, too, unfortunately, in spite of the rising of artists like Koffee and Lila Iké. So in order to make a small contribution for change, here’s this brand new juggle album with only female Reggae singers!

You will see that “Female Reggae Voices” is more than just another riddim selection. You can feel the passion and commitment of the participants in every second, in every sentence of the lyrics. Each of the songs on this compilation is a real gem, every tune tells its own deep and important story. The artists sing about women’s rights, feminism, the fight and struggle against racism, empowering themselves, they sing about freedom, love and unity.


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