Buddhankh – June (Front Cover)

RELEASE:   Feb 15, 2020
ARTISTS: Buddhankh  

London-based Rapper Buddhankh has just released his heartfelt new single ‘JUNE’. The self-proclaimed conscious poet, writer and rapper has taken on an animated persona, believing that the substance of his lyrics should take precedence over his image. The track was produced by Jay Picasso and was animated by Adsapaps who has worked with the likes of BBC, Universal Music, Comedy Central, Whistle Sports.

JUNE was inspired by true events. It follows the story of a young woman that gets involved with the wrong people. The track chronicles June’s life describing her as elegant and  intelligent with a promising future, before meeting her drug dealer boyfriend that would eventually lead to  her downfall.

Each verse narrates a different point in her life, from quitting her job to help sell drugs, to her abusive boyfriend getting her into prostitution. The track acts as a cautionary tale showing how even the most put together person can get dragged unknowingly into a life that they hadn’t planned for. The track is backed by a laid back beat leaving the room required for the listener to properly digest the lyrical content which leads to a soulful chorus that expresses both pain and sorrow.

It took Buddhankh almost 3 years to write as it took an emotional toll on Buddhankh to watch this situation happening to someone that he knew.  Buddhankh states: ‘’June is the real world. There is a percentage in every family that experienced something similar before. This topic is not widely spoken because it is a kind of a taboo and I would like to get it right. To put together every word, to find the right melody, energy, to make sense to the listener.’’

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