Moschino Shirt Teaser

Moschino Shirt dropping soon on all platforms! 👀

Publiée par Alloy sur Vendredi 14 septembre 2018

Alloy – Moschino Shirt (Front Cover)

RELEASE:   Nov 02, 2018
ARTISTS: Alloy  
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Ivory and Shack fuse their creative minds to produce an intoxicating blend of explosive sounds and lyrical ideas. Unparalleled in its passion and authenticity, their uncompromising synthesis of hip-hop, grime, punk, and electronic music has made a profound impression on fans and critics alike. With a chorus inspired by the iconic Moschino shirts – “growing up, Moschino was crazy in the streets” – the latest track is their second single from their debut album ‘Freebass’.

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