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    Napoli, Italy
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About Neapolitan Soul

Since he was a baby he could feel his natural passion for music, he was born in 1982 and raised in Naples (Italy) one of the most prolific music city in the world(songs like “o sole mio” “torna a surriento” and the musical instrument “Mandolino” are all born here).

From a very early age he began to buy his first records of soul music and r’n’b (his main inspirations are huge artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and all disco music and motown music) as well as hip-hop especially records where the scratch is the main character.

Later he found his true path in music when he discovered “VICTOR SIMONELLI” and “MASTERS AT WORK”. From that point on he knew exactly what he wanted to do in his life that kind of music: the House music.

When he was just a teenager he showed a very high skills in choosing the right music to make people dance and dream.

he was just 18 years old, because of his advanced

skills in mixing and thanks to multi inspirational genre (R&B, soul, hip hop, house), skills that he showed in a very magnificent way in every dj set becoming dj resident

in the club METROPOLIS (the best disco-club over that years, a dream for every dj). His popularity raised and raised so much in a very hard to manage world like that of dj world, that he played all over south Italy in best disco-club and club by night.

In the 2000’s together with his girlfriend PIA they found the “Neapolitan Soul” group, playing a mix of soulful deep and afro house music up to 4 decks.

Recently Has Been busy in His tour in the United States between New York City and New Jersey, playing in different clubs.

He collaborate with the Master VICTOR SIMONELLI and with different labels: Unkwn Records, Soundmen On Wax, Bassline Records, Sweatin’ Records, Expatriate Records and Block Soul Records. Collaborate many italian and American radio stations and he working hard in studio for an upcoming ep.

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