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  • Origin
    London, UK
  • Genres
    Garage · Hip-Hop · House · Jungle · RnB · Soul

The Drivetime to Nightime Show

The Drivetime to Nightime Show, Thursdays 5pm - 9pm With Dj Monty
About Monty

Born in 1965 in London to Barbadian parents, I’ve more or less been into music from a young age as a collector.

In my teens and where I lived in Peckham I was introduced to a young Seamus Haji who is a top producer of recent times, to the world famous Technics SL12OOmk2’s and so as my collection of vinyl got so big at the time in the 1980’s, I was the raw art of mixing.

In the early 90’s I was struck down by cancer but my music got me through tough times and buying tracks from the great producers like Victor Simonelli,whom I have met and are friends with right now to Todd Terry for a example.

In mid 90’s I was drafted into the world of pirate radio working on various stations such as Obscene Fm, and Upfront Fm, Boss Fm, Bop Fm, Vision 88.4 Fm , Y2K , Supeme Dance Fm. I adopted the Dj name ” Monty ” after shortening the name ” Full Monty ” meaning in cockney speak,everything available and in my music collection, every style of dance music whether it’s reggae, soul, disco, hip-hop and rap to house or garage that providing its quality then I’ll put it to my collection.

I’ve played sets alongsidethe likes of Pied Piper, Danny “Hitman”Richards, Masey-O, Darren Burgess Mc Creed Mc Dt, Psg Funky Smith and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But the playing of music in the digital world  has changed where and how music is different and I played on DemandUk in 2014 but in truth this is the station I’m most happy with and with good Dj’s and friends like Mark Foster, Daniel Fernando Nainggolan,Kevin Kendall who runs the station for example, then it was a no-brainer not to Dj on here.

Now I have a regular slot on here every Thursday between 17:00 to 21:00 GMT and hopefully it’ll continue for a very long yet.

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