There is strength and wonder in seeing a flower that has broken through the concrete. That blossom had to fight its way through seemingly impossible odds to reach the sun it so desperately craved.

This is Charlie Rose. Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina he lived a nomadic life due to his father’s military career. The lack of a permanent home coupled with his parents divorce quickly began to bring his world down around him.

Charlie’s father had instilled in him a passion for music. He had given a seven year old Charlie a cassette version of “One More Chance”. The experience of listening to hip-hop with his father created a bond between the two and a dream in young Charlie. If Biggie opened the gates, Nas, Big L., and the Wu-Tang Clan flooded him with inspiration.

What started at age eleven as a hobby burst into a full-fledged mission by the time he graduated high school. Using any equipment he could get his hands on, Charlie began his first serious foray into the music world and put together a full-length mixtape that he’d give to anyone who had a moment to hear his voice.

The response he experienced was astounding, in his first week he sold 500 copies. This temporary success helped him survive being homeless. 

Even without a home, he successfully graduated high school then completely relocated to Orlando, FL. There he immersed himself in the local hip-hop community that was home to hungry artists, producers, battle rappers, and DJs. This common interest led him to meeting a crucial partner to his career.

Together, they pushed the limits of their home studio to create his next defining project – “Death & Taxes.” Soon after, he welcomed his most precious gift ever bestowed onto him – his daughter Nyla. Charlie Rose became a father to a little girl and the sun had finally come out.

With this highest high came his lowest low, Charlie’s father had committed suicide; shortly after that he lost his best friend. Writing provided a comfort during the early days of loss. His music became an outlet for his grief. The beat expressed his moods, the lyrics his pain. This was the full realization and power of the gift his father had given him as a child.

Once again major life changes have bloomed into inspiration. Charlie Rose has remained busy coming into his own sound, writing, and preparing for his latest release, “Respect Your Growth”. Emerging from under the rubble of a challenging life he has begun to thrive in the healing light of his music. He is a seed that grew and refused to be stunted by the odds,



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