MC Boom3r

Born and bread in South East London McBoom3r aka Olivia Allen aged 29 SINCE 9 has always been an artist starting off in school shows I was very creative in poetry and dance

As I got to my teen age years I would then go on to learn how to DJ and Composition of music also to be writing structured songs and getting studio time.

Working as a dance teacher for the local community teaching children from aged 5 – 11 my close friend and I formed YTP and created our first song together entering competitions and earning our trophys

Then things changed as I got to 18 and met mc ma  from Urban Noize / DnB Noize Radio doing live DJ and Mc shows online. who got me into more studio time, producers, DJs, radio and abroad contacts.

Recently starting her solo career Mcboom3r aka Olivia Allen who stems from a garage/ hip hop background has worked hard on the last 5 years on a open project with Hi Life Connection/ Trumen records in Italy releasing a Album Global Nation and one E.P Radio Orchestra experiencing a deep scene of live entertainment, featuring’s and band movement.

TO present Mcboom3r wants to let off the steam and experience that she has grasped by creating her true sound releasing a new single with Bully Beef called TAKIN OVA

Working with A Team of independent artists all bringing their own passion to life. “It’s been an amazing experience with the dancers, engineers, video editor and producer what we have created and how excellent everyone is within their sector”

The lyrics signifies the ability to take your intelligence and talent to the highest level you want to create how to empower it and work it with attraction. The beat is used to release your movement to have fun it’s a club sound ready for the dance floor.

The attached official video of TAKIN OVA was edited by Silent VI James Bates and set in Southend on Sea showing a beach setting with a summer feel the powerful movement of fun is endless.

Stay tuned for the next track… Mad love to all those who helped me make this happen.mwahhh xox





Kachina ‘Alright’ EP

UK trio Kachina shares “Alright (feat. Afua)”, the first single to be lifted from their upcoming EP “Alright” to be released on the 24th February via NexGen Music’s sub-label Affectionate Grooves.

WMC Winter Music Conference March 21st – 29th 2017

WMC Winter Music Conference with…

Victor Simonelli, Luca Neapolitan Soul and The Amazing Barbara Tucker.

Winter Music Conference, in its 32nd consecutive year, is a pivotal platform for the advancement of the industry. During WMC, music enthusiasts, artists, DJs and industry delegates from over 70 countries converge on Miami Beach for a concentrated schedule of more than 400 events, parties, seminars and workshops.

Established in 1985, WMC is the largest longstanding EDM and dance music industry gathering of its kind in the world. As one of the most publicized annual events in the industry, WMC generates over a billion unique viewer media impressions each year. Over 2,000,000+ visitors from 209 countries and territories logged on to the WMC web site during the 2016 season. Over 1,900 artists and DJs participated in 390+ performance events presented at 110 venues during the 31st Annual WMC Week in Miami Beach & Miami.


-21st  And let the Singer be Heard – 24th edition showcasing new and established artist surrounded by djs with Flava!

-23rd  I Get Lifted…YES!! 2nd edition. Where we celebrate the spirit gospel house !

-24th  B STAR and Friends

Music fellowship and food!

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