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#Pound   London, UK Playground  
2Drunk2Funk   London, United Kingdom   DeeVu  
32Stitches   India Playground  
Adele Harley   UK Independent  
Alloy   London, UK Independent  
Anqui   Barcelona, Spain Lavish  
Ashley J   USA
BIG Tripp   ROMA, Italy RedGoldGreen  
CHVRN   Saint Petersburg Playground  
Cimo Fränkel   Amsterdam, Netherlands Playground  
Cognac & Roses   Orlando, United States Independent  
Crystal Starr   Los Angeles, United States Playground  
Danny Foster   London, UK     S.O.U.L   S.O.U.L  
Dave Doyle   Brentwood, Essex    DeeVu  
DJ Q   New York, USA i Am House  
DJ Rap   los angeles, United States Propa Talent  
Dope Ammo   United Kingdom       Dope Ammo  
Evil Needle   Haut-Rhin, France Playground   HW&W  
Evix   Michigan, USA
Franklin Lake   London, UK DeeVu  
Funkt3Ch   Netherlands     DeeVu  
Future Wildstyle   Sheffield, UK Bass=Win  
HVNNIBVL EmotionzMsc  
HVWKS   Brisbane, Australia Be Rich Records  
InnerCut   Spain     Lavish  
Jack Rose   Kent, UK DeeVu  
Jaguar Skills   UK Viper  
Junge Junge   Germany Universal Music  
Krewella   Chicago, IL   Monstercat  
Mark Ruff Ryder   UK S.O.U.L  
Mavi Phoenix   Vienna, Austria Independent   Playground  
Mike Delinquent   UK   DeeVu  
Modupé     London, UK Playground  
Monika Linkyte   Gargzdai/Vilnius, Lithuania Independent  
Nathan Grisdale   Blackburn, UK DeeVu  
Neapolitan Soul   Naples, Italy   SOUNDMEN  
NOY   Australia Be Rich Records  
Orkid   Sweden HeartMedia  
Peltsman   London, UK DeeVu  
Pink Panda   London, UK DeeVu  
Product of Us   UK HeartMedia   YNOTME  
Ramone Grams    London, UK Playground  
RatPack   London        RatPack Music  
Raymond Barton   USA
Recky Recks   UK Independent  
Sandi Bogle   Brixton, UK DeeVu  
SilverLand   London, UK    DeeVu  
Sorsari   AB, Canada Playground  
Soul Seekerz   UK   DeeVu  
Spenda C   Brisbane, Australia KlubKids  
The Young Punx     London, UK   MofoHifi  
Vanillaz   Zagreb, Croatia EmotionzMsc  
Ziey Kizzy   London, UK DeeVu