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Yung R
 London, UK
LABELS:   Independent  

The popular Croydon rapper is quickly making his mark on the UK urban music scene with his unique ability to steer clear from the generic rap songs of his era with quick-witted lyricism and versatile, authentic sound.

With a range of flows, lyrical content and thematic music, Yung R is building a solid foundation for a very successful career. Still only in his mid-twenties, this is an artist who has a lot to offer the listener.

His lyrical flair is practically unrivalled and he is simply a breath of fresh air to the scene with his story-telling and ability to crossover into genres such as Afro-swing, Dancehall and Hip-Pop with such ease.

Previously a more streamlined Grime MC, Yung R has added many strings to his already impressive bow and is a grounded, humble individual who combines a sickening work ethic with a very academic background which is portrayed in his artistry and works.

NOREF3000 Yung R – The Movement is YungSep 21, 2019

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