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Innercut is Adrià Domènech`s stage name, a Catalan producer who caught the attention of the electronic music scene first on Soundcloud , where his “Anoia” got over 280,000 plays and later at festivals and live sessions. The key to his success can be found in his interpretation of dubstep with an openly pop vocation to produce dazzling beats, acid melodies and euphoric rhythms. After launching songs such as “Do Not Give Up” and “Noom”, Domènech continues to fuel the path of colouristic post-dubstep with the EP “Hidden Stapes”.

InnerCut, has been producing music since 2011, creating chilled out tunes with captivating hooks. His unique blend of pop and synth melodies have gained support from artists including Skrillex and

NOREF001 InnerCut – Find Love ft. AnquiMar 08, 2017

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