Barcelona, Spain
LABELS:   Lavish  

Anqui is a Norwegian R&B singer-songwriter, characterized by her jazzy and eclectic vocals.

Born in 1986, Anqui grew up in a multi cultured part of Oslo, clearly inspired by living in a Scandinavian country with all styles of music flowing freely through radio, TV and the Web. Anqui started to perform and compose at the age of 5. By the age of 12, she had already composed several songs, performed in children’s musicals and even a girl band, recorded in studios and developed a mature approach to music composition.

At the age of 19, Anqui moved to Barcelona where she soon began to collaborate with both local and international producers, while she was studying for a university degree. Her first EP ‘Turn My Clock’ along with the experimental Hip Hop/Jazz producer duo Debilorithmicos was released on vinyl. Her second track, ‘Do What’, still within the Jazz genre, was created along with the French duo The Jivers, released by respected Jazz label Jazz & Milk on vinyl, and picked up by various Swing/Jazz CD compilations.

In the following years, Anqui was given the opportunity to perform at major festivals such as SÓNAR and BAM Festival, and worked side by side with Spanish Hip Hop producer Griffi (Solo los Solo), both as a member of his crew Chacho Brodas and as a duo. She also started working as a singer at private events, performing in customized, Cirque de Soleil-inspired shows for both small and major businesses, held at prestigious venues such as Gaudí’s Casa Battló, the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), L’Auditori, Dalí’s Le Rachdingue and many more.

Anqui is currently still residing in Barcelona. After having written and released ‘Rude Girls’, ‘Yung Bwoi’ as a solo artist and her latest featurings with Catalan producers FastBoo (‘Be My King’) and InnerCut (‘Find Love’), she is now finally working on her first album as a solo artist.

NOREF001 InnerCut – Find Love ft. AnquiMar 08, 2017

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