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You can either dream big, or have the courage, determination and tenacity to make them real. Electronic music producer 32Stitches chose the latter, moving the world one beat at a time. With two qualifications in Audio Engineering and successful releases like ‘Keeper of the Realm’, Last Time’ and ‘Vohwala’, he’s ever exploring the endless possibilities of music production. Four years into a fulltime career in music, and he’s already outgrown the rookie status. For 32Stitches, time is now – and it’s all happening at a welcoming speed.

Long days and deep, dark nights were spent listening to cassette mixtapes by the world’s big & famous, sparkling the imagination of a young and eager boy from India. Fast forward to today and he has embraced and mastered the art of electronic dance music. 32Stitches got his Audio Engineering degree at ILM Academy in 2011, followed by an overseas adventure at the Point Blank music school in London for another addition to that.

While both his worldwide following and the industry’s list of admirers continues to grow, 32Stitches keeps his focus on the studio. Determined to stretch his learning curve, he doesn’t confine himself to a single genre. Having mastered the art of numerous styles, his latest original ‘Keeper of the Realm’ is another surprise, settled in between progressive and electro, driven by melody. His other tracks have been released via Universal Music, Sony / Groove Society, and EDM.com among others – a sign that tells us of a great and promising future for the man behind it. Sit tight, for 32Stitches dreams big – and makes them happen.

NOREF070 32Stitches – Remember ThisFeb 09, 2018

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